Module gomint.api

Interface ResourceLoader

    • Method Detail

      • getKeys

        List<String> getKeys()
        Get all Keys this Resource has
        A List of Strings (if no keys are there it should return an empty (size 0) list)
      • get

        String get​(String key)
        Get the translatable message out of the Resource
        key - The key which should be looked up in the Resource
        The translatable Message or null when the Message could not be found in the Resource
      • getFormats

        List<String> getFormats()
        Get the Formats this Resource can load. All file endings need to include the dot. For example this supports yml Files then the return should be List which contains a entry ".yml"
        The list of supported File/Format endings
      • cleanup

        void cleanup()
        Remove and cleanup this Resource. This is called when the ResourceManager no longer needs this Resource