Module gomint.api

Class PlayerPreLoginEvent

  • public class PlayerPreLoginEvent
    extends CancellableEvent
    1.0 This event is fired when RakNet (the networking) decided to accept a connection. This is before any MC:PE packets will be handled (event before login). This can be used to create IP Bans / Proxy detections. Please notice: Since this is a network level operation you can't provide a reason which is printed in the client. If this is needed please use the PlayerLoginEvent.
    • Constructor Detail

      • PlayerPreLoginEvent

        public PlayerPreLoginEvent​(InetSocketAddress clientAddress)
        Construct a new player pre login event. This is fired before the login payload is going to be verified.
        clientAddress - The address of the client which wants to login
    • Method Detail

      • getClientAddress

        public InetSocketAddress getClientAddress()
        Get the clients internet address
        the internet address of the client