Module gomint.api

Class PlayerPreJoinEvent

  • public class PlayerPreJoinEvent
    extends CancellablePlayerEvent
    1.0 This event gets called when the login has been completed and the server decides to start loading world data into the client. This event can be used when you need to be sure the play status has been reached (like redirecting a player to another server without ever touching this one)
    • Constructor Detail

      • PlayerPreJoinEvent

        public PlayerPreJoinEvent​(EntityPlayer player)
    • Method Detail

      • setKickReason

        public void setKickReason​(String kickReason)
        Set the reason which will be used to disconnect the player when this event has been cancelled
        kickReason - which is used to kick the player
      • getKickReason

        public String getKickReason()
        Get the reason which the player will get then this event has been cancelled
        reason for kick