Module gomint.api

Class EntityExplodeEvent

    • Constructor Detail

      • EntityExplodeEvent

        public EntityExplodeEvent​(Entity entity,
                                  Set<Block> affectedBlocks,
                                  float randomDropChance)
        Create a new entity based cancellable event
        entity - for which this event is
        affectedBlocks - which will be destroyed during this explosion
        randomDropChance - which will be used to determinate if a affected block will drop
    • Method Detail

      • getAffectedBlocks

        public Set<Block> getAffectedBlocks()
        Get affected blocks
        affected blocks
      • getRandomDropChance

        public float getRandomDropChance()
        Get the random drop chance at which the affected blocks will be dropped
        random drop chance
      • setRandomDropChance

        public void setRandomDropChance​(float randomDropChance)
        Set new random drop chance
        randomDropChance - which will be used instead of the old value