Module gomint.api

Class BaseConfig

    • Field Detail

      • configFile

        protected transient File configFile
      • configHeader

        protected transient String[] configHeader
      • configMode

        protected transient ConfigMode configMode
      • skipFailedObjects

        protected transient boolean skipFailedObjects
    • Constructor Detail

      • BaseConfig

        public BaseConfig()
    • Method Detail

      • update

        public void update​(ConfigSection section)
        This function gets called after the File has been loaded and before the converter gets it. This is used to manually edit the configSection when you updated the config or something
        section - The root ConfigSection with all sub-nodes loaded into
      • addConverter

        public void addConverter​(Class converter)
                          throws InvalidConverterException
        Add a Custom converter. A converter can take Objects and return a pretty Object which gets saved/loaded from the converter. How a converter must be build can be looked up in the converter Interface.
        converter - converter to be added
        InvalidConverterException - If the converter has any errors this Exception tells you what
      • configureFromSerializeOptionsAnnotation

        protected void configureFromSerializeOptionsAnnotation()